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Autor/es: Hicks, Meghan  

Publicación: GRANICA

Formato: 23x15cm

Lengua: Español

Nº de Páginas: 288

ISBN: 8497358945

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Tanto si has decidido empezar a correr como si eres un experimentado corredor de montaña que quieres mejorar tus habilidades, este libro te ofrece los conocimientos esenciales que te ayudarán en este tipo de carrera, desde qué significa correr por la montaña, qué tipo de zapatillas necesitas, cuáles son las mejores técnicas para sacar el máximo partido a tu pisada, cuál es el equipamiento básico, consejos de hidratación y alimentación, planes para entrenar, orientación de salud y lesiones y una invitación a conocer carreras que te motivarán en tu objetivo.


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    1. Hicks, Meghan



      Everywhere I look–even when I shut my eyes–I see the connections people do and could make with themselves, each other, and our planet. I write from the ground level about sports, adventure, the environment, science, and travel to articulate the links I see. I’m the author of Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running. I’m‘s Senior Editor and a contributing editor at Trail Runner. I was additionally a Marathon & Beyond columnist before the periodical ceased publishing at the end of 2015. Visit my writing portfolio to learn more about my writing.


      I trail run, mostly. An adventure run in a genuine wilderness is my version of a perfect day. I compete in trail and ultramarathon-distance running races–I ran about 10 of them in 2013–because they also take you to the wild. Backpacking, fastpacking, hiking, and yoga are my choice forms of cross training. I am the 2013 Marathon des Sables women’s champion.


      I’m fiercely protective of and I feel right at home in and with that which is wild. I got in big trouble as a small person for trying to reason with a woman wearing a fur coat to a professional hockey game. For a decade, I worked, lived, and played in Big Bend National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Yosemite National Park. These extended encounters with national parks provided me a unique perspective of what the wild needs to thrive. I have also worked as a private outdoor guide in Park City, Utah, where I now live. I get excited about making certain wild places stay wild.


      I thrive on endurance adventures in the wilderness. My recent trips include backpacking in Montana’s Glacier National Park, racing Morocco’s Marathon des Sables, backpacking the Appalachian Trail through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, living for a month in a one-room cabin in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, and backcountry snowshoeing through Utah’s Uinta Mountains.

      My Vitals

      Age | 37

      Hometown | Seneca Falls, NY

      Current town | Moab, UT

      Education | my undergraduate degree is in geology and I possess a M.S. in resource interpretation (non-traditional education practiced in natural places)

      Inside my home is | a boyfriend named Bryon, lots of plants and running shoes, and a pile of camping gear ready to hit the road

      In my family is | my mom, Sharon, and my older brother, Corey


      I dream of traveling to | Bhutan and Iceland